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Carte Son professionnelle
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ZFX Plug-In + S2t USB Audio Interface + Cubase LE
Intuitive Modeling Software for Guitar and Bass
ZFX Packages give guitarists and bassists the ability to create the ultimate tone solutions with an intuitive software/hardware setup. Incredibly easy and fun to use, ZFX combines sophisticated amp modeling software with a USB audio interface. Faithfully capturing the distinct tone of legendary amps, cabinets and effects, ZFX puts an impressive library a mere mouse-click away. With 12 classic guitar amps, 5 amazing bass amps, 16 cabinets, 4 types of recording mics and 41 stompbox effects, the tone possibilities are virtually limitless. And with drag-and-drop simplicity, you can choose any combination of amplifier, cabinet and effects while positioning the mic anywhere in the room, giving you complete control over your sound.
Tone Worship
Zoom’s newly developed modeling algorithms use precise analysis of impulse response and frequency response to perfectly emulate the sonic characteristics of tubes and transistors found on classic amps. And we’ve duplicated all the internal circuit processes as well, so you can tweak your tone in exactly the same way as the knobs and switches on the actual amp. For even more tone control, you can move the accurately modeled condenser and dynamic mics to any position: close miking for a grittier sound, or off-cabinet miking for more room ambience.
12 guitar amplifiers made famous throughout 50 years of rock history.
5 bass amplifiers for classic bass tones.
16 cabinets to be used in any combination you need.
4 professional recording mic models found in every studio microphone locke
41 stompbox effects to add depth and color to your sound.
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